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Development of liaoning economic 2025 snow and ice snow tourism income of 230 billion

Date: 2019-09-26

Liaoning province to develop "about snow and ice in liaoning province economic development of the implementation of the plan, put forward to 2025, preliminary built with ice and snow sports leisure tourism industry as the core of ice and snow the whole industry chain, ice and snow tourism revenue reached 230 billion yuan, annual growth rate of no less than 15%.

Liaoning province related 14 developed jointly by the department of "about promoting the implementation of the ice and snow in liaoning province economic development plan (hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), has been officially issued by the province on September 12.

It is understood that the plan by the culture and tourism in liaoning province hall, the provincial development and reform commission, education department, the ministry of industry and information technology hall, departments, natural resources, agriculture and rural areas, business hall hall, market supervision and administration, NHK, sports bureau, financial supervision and administration bureau, bureau of trees and 14 departments jointly formulate provincial meteorological bureau, etc.Aims to further implement the general secretary xi on "green water castle peak is the yinshan, snow is jinshan, jinshan yinshan" important discourse, the full implementation of the liaoning provincial party committee about the deep research into the implementation of the jinping general secretary in liaoning and the deepening northeast China symposium's important speech spirit in new new new as opinions on promoting prosperity of the new age of liaoning in the deployment, accelerate the economic development, ice and snow facilitate ice-snow tourism culture, ice and snow, ice and snow sports, ice and snow and equipment research and development manufacturing rapid development, efforts to promote ice economic strong province construction.

"The plan" put forward by 2025 preliminary built with ice and snow sports leisure tourism industry as the core of ice and snow the whole industry chain.Form "ice and snow, ice and snow, ice and snow sports tourism culture" focus on snow and ice projects to support, ice and snow equipment manufacturing begun to take shape, the market vigor fully released, basic perfect infrastructure, relatively complete industrial system of ice and snow industry development pattern.Ice and snow tourism revenue reached 230 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of no less than 15%.

The plan has been clear about the four key tasks.One is to cultivate the market main body, build modern ice industry system.To improve the industry chain, build a service platform, to promote the masses of ice and snow sports, to strengthen the construction of talent team.2 it is to play to regional advantages, promote the development of ice and snow.To optimize the industrial layout, and promote the construction of projects, training events, development of ice and snow, expanding opening up and cooperation.3 it is to promote the development of fusion, cultivating ice industry new formats."+ ice and snow tourism", the construction of characteristic having ice and snow tourist destination;"+ ice and snow sports", build international famous ice and snow event base;"Snow + culture", make ice characteristic culture new heights;"Snow +" equipment, equipment research and development and application demonstration base construction of ice;"Snow + education", foster the subject of ice and snow industry consumption;"Snow + health", make ice WenQuanKang raise tourism brand;"Snow + farming", improve the quality of rural tourism in winter;"Snow + forest" innovation cultivation of snow and ice, industry new formats.Four is to strengthen the propaganda promotion, increase the economic level of consumption of ice and snow.To increase brand market effect;Promotional channels.All regional departments should combine reality, formulate implementation measures, to ensure implementation.