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What are the new trends for further expansion of the 5A scenic spot

Date: 2021-01-18

Since the selection of the first batch of 66 national 5A tourist attractions in 2007, the number of 5A tourist attractions in my country has maintained a steady growth year by year, and the latest number is 302. 5A is the highest honor in the traditional evaluation system of scenic spots and is widely recognized by tourists. The 5A scenic spot that has been expanded again has new development trends such as standardizing ticket prices and building smart scenic spots.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued an announcement to determine the 21 new tourist attractions as national 5A-level tourist attractions. So far, there are 302 5A scenic spots in my country.

This is another large-scale expansion of my country's 5A scenic spots in recent years. As a traditional "golden sign" of domestic tourism destinations, 5A scenic spots are related to the image of local tourism brands. In the development process, new trends such as standardization of ticket prices and construction of smart scenic spots have emerged.

The most well-known "Guo Zihao" travel business card

The newly added national 5A tourist attractions include Sichuan Ganzi Daocheng Yading tourist attraction, Yunnan Wenshan Puzhehei tourist attraction, Xinjiang Karamay World Devil City scenic spot and other famous attractions.

In fact, in addition to the latest batch of 5A scenic spots, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has also recently announced the second batch of national global tourism demonstration areas and a new batch of national tourist resorts. These "national brand" new tourism business cards are a sign of the further improvement of my country's multi-level tourism product system, and can better meet the public's increasingly diversified and high-quality needs for tourism.

According to Zhou Bing, chairman of Shaanxi Tourism Group Co., Ltd., the new batch of “national brand” tourist lists will play an inspiring role when the tourism industry is hit by the epidemic. Regardless of the internal and external environment, my country There is still considerable room for improvement in the tourism industry.

The 5A scenic spot is the most well-known "national brand" tourism brand. In 2004, the new national standard "Classification and Evaluation of Quality Levels of Tourist Attractions" added 5A tourist attractions to the classification levels. The new version of the "Measures for the Management of Quality Levels of Tourist Attractions" issued in 2012 stipulates that tourist attractions that have officially opened in my country for more than one year can apply for quality levels (from low to high, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A). Tourist attractions declared as 4A for more than three years can be declared as 5A tourist attractions. 5A scenic spots are recommended by the Provincial Tourist Attractions Quality Rating Committee, and the National Tourist Attractions Quality Rating Committee organizes the assessment.

66 scenic spots including the Palace Museum in Beijing were among the first batch of 5A scenic spots in my country selected in 2007, and 5A has since become the "golden sign" of domestic tourist destinations. Shanghai Min Xiaoli, who is experienced in tourism, believes that the 5A scenic spots in various provinces are the essence of tourism that has been strictly screened. If you check in directly against the list of 5A scenic spots, there is a high probability that you will not go wrong.

"Guarantee 5A" is not once and for all

For a scenic spot to go from 4A to 5A, it needs to go through many links such as data review, landscape value evaluation, on-site inspection, and social publicity. According to the analysis of travel industry insiders, this process can be as short as 2 to 3 years, and as long as 5 years.

Among them, the landscape value evaluation includes the evaluation of the attraction and market influence of the scenic area. The evaluation content includes the scenic recreation value, historical, cultural and scientific value, popularity, reputation, and market radiation. For scenic spots that fail the landscape evaluation, they can apply for re-examination again after two years. On-site inspections are conducted by an evaluation team set up by national inspectors to conduct unannounced visits. The inspections include basic service facilities such as transportation in the scenic area, public service facilities such as safety and health, tour service facilities such as tour guides and shopping, and network services such as e-commerce. The system guides tourists to civilized tourism and other aspects of history, culture, and natural environmental protection. For scenic spots that do not meet the standard, you can apply for on-site inspection again after one year.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as of the end of 2019, there were 12,402 A-level scenic spots across the country, and 5A scenic spots are still relatively scarce. Currently, among the 302 5A scenic spots in the country, Jiangsu ranks first with 25 in number, and Zhejiang ranks second with 19 in total.

Although it is difficult to create 5A scenic spots, there are still countless 4A scenic spots dedicated to this. 5A is the highest honor in the traditional evaluation system of scenic spots. It is widely recognized by tourists. It is also related to the image of local tourism brands. It can bring greater economic benefits. Moreover, the process of creating 5A itself is an opportunity for scenic spots to improve quality and efficiency.

Most local governments also encourage scenic spots to actively participate in the creation work, and some will also set high bonuses for successful 5A scenic spots. For example, in December 2019, Nanning City, Guangxi, proposed to give a one-time reward of 10 million yuan to newly assessed national 5A tourist attractions and national tourist resorts.

And to keep the "Golden Sign" of 5A, it is not done once and for all. The national cultural and tourism department implements a dynamic entry and exit mechanism for 5A scenic spots, and conducts regular review and inspection. The annual review ratio is not less than 10%. Those who do not meet the standards or have serious problems will be "delisted" or criticized and ordered to rectify within a time limit. In 2015, due to problems such as price fraud, messy environmental sanitation, and severe decline in service quality, the Shanhaiguan scenic spot in Qinhuangdao, Hebei became the first scenic spot to be cancelled with 5A qualification. After vigorous rectification, it returned to the 5A list in 2018.

Future trend

In recent years, ticket prices for 5A scenic spots have gradually become standardized.

In the past, some places were overly dependent on the ticket economy, and some 5A scenic spots were once complained about the high ticket prices. Under the leadership of the National Development and Reform Commission, focusing on 5A scenic spots, through the supervision and review of pricing costs or cost surveys, ticket prices have gradually become standardized. The ticket price formation mechanism of state-owned scenic spots has been improved, and the ticket prices of key state-owned scenic spots have been continuously reduced, returning to a reasonable range.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the implementation of the reservation system. Since the epidemic prevention and control has become normal, it has become a new habit that people gradually accept tickets to scenic spots before traveling.

The "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption" issued in 2019 proposes that by 2022, 5A-level state-owned scenic spots will fully implement a ticket reservation system. The management department requires tourist attractions to improve the reservation system, and implement time-based tour reservations through various channels such as instant messaging tools, mobile client terminals, scenic spots official websites, telephone reservations, and so on, to guide tourists to travel off-peak.

The deeper meaning of the ticket reservation system is to serve the construction of smart scenic spots.

Zhan Dongmei, a scenic area researcher at the China Tourism Academy, believes that the reservation system can enhance the interaction between scenic spots and tourists. Scenic spots can provide tourists with “portraits” through analysis of relevant data, provide products and services that are more in line with tourists' needs, and improve scenic spots. Some professionals also said that the collection, analysis and application of tourist data will become a key to whether the scenic spot can compete in the future.

The reporter noticed that in the process of establishing 5A in Daocheng Yading, it mentioned that its smart capabilities have been continuously strengthened: 1 smart platform center, 39 base stations, 169 monitoring and 30 emergency call points have been built in the scenic spot, and the air quality automatic monitoring of the scenic spot has been built. System and negative oxygen ion monitoring system, implementation of infrared monitoring of wild animals, installation of 60 infrared monitoring cameras, monitoring area of 20 square kilometers; completion of e-commerce system, access control ticketing system, automatic ticketing system, monitoring system, emergency broadcast system, call system Such as the construction of intelligent systems, the "One Code Tour Scenic Spot" audio guide service system has been fully put into use.